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Living in New England, there is a tendency to try to get away without air conditioning for the summer.  At least, that's how many people I know do it.

People around here generally only have to keep cool for two or three months out of the year, so why make the investment in central air conditioning or break your back trying to put those window ACs in?

The summer of 2024, however, may change our minds, as the Farmers' Almanac insists it's going to be "sultry and soggy."

Oppressive Heat Expected for New England this Summer

I had to look up "sultry" to describe the weather.  All I thought the word meant was "sexy."  I had never heard "sultry" to describe the weather.

According to Merriam-Webster, it means "very hot and humid, sweltering..... burning hot."  Oh, fun!

It's Going to Rain a Lot in New England, Too

That's just the first part of the weather prediction.  The second part of the Farmers' Almanac forecast is "soggy."

We've all been there.  The house is blazing hot and it's raining outside.  Do you take the chance and run the AC in a rainstorm?  What if there's thunder?  Isn't it dangerous to run the AC?  I always thought it was.

You might think to yourself that you can't really forecast weather like this. However, the Farmers' Almanac sometimes gets it right.

They said that last year would be the hottest summer this century, and they were right.  The "Summer of 2023 was the Earth's hottest since global records began in 1880."

Whatever the case may be, as my friend Christine says, sunscreen is everything. I think she's right, no matter what time of year it is.

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