There are some things that many of us simply take for granted. For many people in Maine, it's that a Walmart location isn't too far away from where they live. But if a Walmart is too far away right now, there's a chance it won't be over the next five years.

According to CNBC, after years of status quo, Walmart is preparing a massive nationwide expansion that will see the retail giant add more than 150 'large-format' stores to their existing footprint.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Those large-format stores are something Maine is familiar with. Most of the Walmart locations in Maine are Supercenters, offering a full grocery selection and other additional amenities, from tax preparation services to hair stylists to Dunkin' locations all within the store.

Some Walmart Supercenters in Maine also offer electric supercharging stations as EV's grow in popularity throughout the country. Walmart seems determined to make all of their stores look and feel the same.

The expansion over the next several years will see Walmart expand some of their stores into supercenters. But the company also plans to build well over 100 new stores from coast to coast. Does that mean a new Walmart Supercenter in Maine?

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's possible. If you look at Walmart's existing footprint, there are a handful of places where a Walmart would make sense. There's one Maine city that seems to make a lot more sense than others. Belfast.

Belfast is a fast-growing city that sits along the busy Route One corridor. It's also an intersection of another busy stretch of road, Route Three. The closest Walmart locations to Belfast are in Rockland and Ellsworth.

the coast of Maine

In the coming months, Walmart plans to announce their initial expansion plan, and whether or not they'll build new Supercenters in Maine or expanding the state's three locations that aren't currently Supercenters.


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