A popular travel website recently showered a ton of praise towards one of Maine's most iconic spots, Acadia National Park.

The Pine Tree State's golden child was recently cited by THE TRAVL as being one of the best places in America for scenic views. In fact, Acadia was one of just 10 locales nationwide to be included on the list.

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It's no surprise to see Acadia included on this travel list. It's a perfect spot. A park loaded with ideal activities for any time of year. Acadia has camping, sightseeing, horseback riding, kayaking, and some of the best flatland and mountain hiking around.

The true cherry on top are the views. Acadia will blow you away with them. Rocky shorelines, secret ponds, incredible mountaintop scenes, and gorgeous lakes await you and your camera phone or real camera...if those still exist.

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The most amazing view comes from the top of where every guest wants to watch the sunrise, the summit of Cadillac Mountain. For much of the year, it's the first sunrise seen in the continental United States. The summit road is so popular that guests need to reserve times, but it's worth every penny. It will be a sunrise you will never forget.

Here is a little from THE TRAVL on what else visitors can do to enjoy the incredible park and scenery.

Paddle a kayak along the shoreline or take a relaxing wildlife cruise in search of seals, whales, and seabirds. Plus, pop into the lively town of Bar Harbor for lobster, shops, and harbor views after a day in the park. With both rugged wilderness and refined pleasures, Acadia captures Maine’s famous natural beauty.

It's really no surprise to see Acadia make this list. The park has a special level of uniqueness that just screams Maine. It's the only true northeastern spot that has all of the region's best aspects, including mountains that literally touch the sea. It's just a really special place.

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