There's a famous idiom that goes something like "nothing in this world can be certain except for death and taxes". Taxes are simply a part of life for almost everyone, no matter how much you attempt to avoid them.

According to recent study shared by Visual Capitalist, Maine just happens to carry a tax burden heavier than any other state in the entire country. People in the Pine Tree State carry the highest property tax burden in all of America.

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As the study shows, Maine residents spend about 5.21% of the annual income each year on property tax. Meanwhile, Alabama residents have the lowest property tax burden, spending only 1.37% of their annual income on the tax each year.

Maine fares slightly better if you break down the actual amount of money each resident pays. Maine residents spend an average of $2,900 per year on property taxes, ranking them number 6 in the entire country. Alabama residents spend only $647 annually on property tax, a more than two thousand dollar difference from them average Maine resident.

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New England as a region carries more property tex burden than any other region in the country. While Maine ranks 1, Vermont ranks number 2 and New Hampshire ranks number 3. Rhode island and Connecticut also rank within the top 10.

While the property tax burden can feel exhausting and overwhelming, towns and cities throughout Maine count on them to fund vital services within the community. According to SmartAsset, property taxes are generally the key funding source for public education, libraries, first responders and parks.


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