With vast territory that is unnamed and uninhabited, Maine is the perfect for the weird and strange to take place. Maine is well-known for being a hotspot for UFO sightings and encounters. But there have also been many reported sightings of the mythical beast known as Bigfoot, many of them with great detail.

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According to Phantoms and Monsters, two of those sightings come from one individual, and decades apart. The person is a 38-year-old United States Army veteran who has spent the majority of his life living in eastern Maine, surrounded by forest.

First Encounter: A Chilly Winter Evening at Dusk

The witness describes his first encounter with the Bigfoot-like creature as being in the wintertime when he was a teenager. He was playing in the woods with two friends when they decided to trudge back home because the sun was beginning to set.

During that short jaunt home, the teenagers encountered something they had never seen before. Living in Maine, specifically rural areas, encounters with deer, bobcats, bears and other wildlife is not uncommon. For the teens in this story, they were startled by what they saw.

They described the beast as standing on two feet with a thick, black coat of fur and long arms which appeared to be dangling in the snow. The creature seemed to be walking away from the boys until one of them called out. The creature then stopped and peered back at the boys, revealing a "flesh-like" face. The boys panicked and made their way out of the woods immediately.

The boys didn't make their encounter known, and agreed to keep the strange sighting amongst themselves.

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Second Encounter: Alone With the Beast

After spending years in the military, the witness returned to his childhood home in eastern Maine to help care for his ailing father. One afternoon, he decided to revisit some of the wooded trails he walked as a teenager, including the one featured in his first encounter.

During his venture into the woods, he stumbled upon some tracks that looked strange. The witness described them as made by something with long, pointy toes. The tracks were also spread out, meaning the creature was likely large.

The witness followed the tracks for a bit until he noticed the strange beast again. Vivid memories of his youth came flooding back as a similar sight stood in front of him. A creature on two legs with a thick, black coat of fur and incredibly long arms. The witness wanted to see the face of the beast, and wanted to capture proof this time.


So the man crept closer to the creature while simultaneously reaching for his cell phone. The rustling and movement appeared to startle the creature, who turned to face the witness. They stared at one another in silence.

Eventually, the witness thought better of attempting anything further with the creature, and slowly backed away until he was a safe distance to escape the woods. That encounter happened more than three years ago, and the witness hasn't been back into that patch of woods since.

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