It will be a rivalry with high emotion tonight as football returns to Lewiston, Maine.

Tonight (November 1), for the first time since the senseless mass shootings took the lives of 18 Mainers and injured 13, high school football will be played in Lewiston.

WMTW reports that the 'Battle of the Bridge' was supposed to take place Friday, October 27, but couldn't. So, game on tonight at Lewiston High School at 6 pm. Gates open at 4:30 p.m.!

Lewiston High School Football Boosters Facebook
Lewiston High School Football Boosters Facebook

This game is always one of the biggest of the year for both of the schools. It's a huge friendly rivalry with the schools, family, and friends, and goes back a long time. It's such a rivalry, and people have Lewiston in their hearts these days.

Even Will Ferrell of SNL and movie fame sent a message about the game!

He's so funny. He says in his X (Twitter) message:

Today's the day. Showdown. Lewiston versus Edward Little. Everyone's going to be watching, everyone's going to be talking about it, so lets bring it on! Lets bring it on like Donkey Kong! Have a great game. Go! Fight! Win! Whatever that means.

This game will be packed. It's always a popular game, but this year means more to everyone involved. They aren't just playing a football game tonight, they are healing.

The Lewiston Schools Superintendent Jake Langlais told WMTW,

Our two communities, Lewiston and Auburn, have ties that flow back and forth, but in many ways, we are one in the same. Our hearts hurt for them and theirs for us. The impacts of the events were regional. Getting back to a level of routine is a must. We want this to be an important opportunity to replace pieces of memory from the last week with something new and positive.

This year, it doesn't matter who you are rooting for, because they are all winners.

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