A Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Dad and husband is an internet hit, and doing a charity show this week!

It was just a few years ago that Chip Leighton got on TikTok and started posting apologies he's made to his wife, and what it's like to have teenagers! He went viral quickly, with millions of likes and new followers.

His latest viral sensation is about the texts he gets from his teenagers. One text was about "where to find pasta water" at the grocery store. His family is the inspiration behind his upcoming book, 'What Time Is Noon?  Hilarious Texts, Ridiculous Feedback, and Not-So-Subtle Advice from Teenagers.' Look for that this fall.

I've watched this a couple of times and wondered, "If there was texting when I was a teen, would I have sent the same kind of texts?" The Mother's Day stuff really hit home! I just know I would have Venmoed my mom six bucks and called it good!

Get tickets to see Chip Leighton perform in Brunswick, Maine

For one night only on Friday, May 10, Chip will be doing a benefit performance for the Maine Council of Churches. The house only seats 225, and tickets are selling fast, so get yours NOW!

Chip Leighton
Chip Leighton

Chip quit his 'normal' job working for Hannaford and now is full-time with The Leighton Show.  He even has his own line of merchandise, according to the Portland Press Herald. One t-shirt that's a hot seller says,

Make Me Pancakes. DO IT.

Chip has hit a nerve in America and has done interviews with pretty much everybody, because everybody can relate!

Grab your tickets now!

Come see Chip Leighton in Brunswick, Maine, on Friday, May 10, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brunswick. Tickets start at $50, and are worth every nickel! Get yours here!

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