You'd be amazed how many people truly think we are part of Canada.

The Bangor Daily News did a great article about just how stupid misinformed some people are about the great state of Maine.

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My best friend in Idaho was from Maine, and moving home. I asked, 'Where's Maine?' At least I knew it was a state, but that's about all I knew. But for some, they don't even know it's a state! Deandra Briggs told the BDN that she was once stranded at the airport in Denver trying to get back home to Bangor. The ticket agent said that she needed her passport for international flights. Deandra said,

I was so confused, as the flight was only routed through Chicago. And then she said, ‘Isn’t Bangor, Maine, in Canada?’

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Get out of here! But it's not a one-in-a-million story. This story from Melanie Kollman might be one of my favorites. She's a real estate agent in Bangor and told the Bangor Daily News,

I used to work for a medical supply company in the Portland area. People would ask where we were located, and when I said Maine, they would say, ‘We don’t do business with foreign companies’ and hang up.

I love this TikTok that basically calls Maine a made-up state. But Spose had THE perfect reaction to it. Confirm it! Yes, 100% fake. Because it's fake, you should definitely avoid it!

Let's keep it a secret that Maine became a state in 1820. Who pays attention to that 50 states thing in class anyway? I mean, has anyone actually been to Missouri? Is it real? I guess we'll never know.

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