According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are only a few things folks in Maine should fear when it comes to mosquito bites.

"Infected mosquitoes can spread three viruses in Maine: JCV, Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus (EEE), and West Nile virus (WNV). Although rare, these diseases can have severe and even fatal consequences."

frank600/Getty Image
frank600/Getty Image

JCV stands for Jamestown Canyon Virus. Although JCV often presents with a headache, fatigue, and fever, in some cases however, the virus can cause worrisome and severe reactions like meningitis or encephalitis.

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The Maine Department of Health and Human Services says the CDC  has confirmed a group of mosquitos collected in a test pool from the Orono area, came back positive for the Jamestown Canyon Virus recently. However, it has not yet been detected in humans in the state, and there's no guarantee it will be.

"In 2023, three mosquito pools tested positive for JCV in Maine. There were no reported human cases of JCV in Maine last year."

Ildar Abulkhanov
Ildar Abulkhanov

Experts say that as simple as it sounds, the best defense against contracting insect-borne illnesses is to prevent bugs from biting you in the first place. And your best bet, in this case, is to wear mosquito repellent.

It's also recommended that you wear clothing that covers your skin (long sleeves, hats, etc.) and to use screens in your windows, if you're going to keep them open.


Getting rid of any areas where standing water might collect and bugs breed will cut down on the number of batches that hatch, as well.

If you have questions about viruses transmitted by bugs, feel free to contact the CDC by clicking here.

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