Get a great deal 'cause of scratches and dents!

Almost as much a sign of Spring in Maine as the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe and Kayak Race, folks statewide wait in anticipation every year for the Annual Old Town Canoe and Kayak Scratch and Dent Sale. And it's coming up next week, just one week before the race. This year's race is scheduled to take place Saturday, April 20th.

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If you've ever spent any time on the water in Maine then Old Town Canoe Company is a name you're likely familiar with. Known around the world for their top-notch canoes and kayaks, you'd be hard-pressed to enter any Maine town and not find one of their watercrafts sitting stream-side, or strapped to the top of a Subaru.

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The Scratch and Dent sale usually features a chance to get deep discounts on these locally-made canoes and kayaks.


It just so happens that this year the sale is taking place Friday, April 12th through Sunday, April 14th!

The sale will happen at Ski Rack Sports, 24 Longview Drive in Bangor. It will kick off at 9 AM Friday morning and run till 7 PM, then 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, and 11 AM to 4 PM on Sunday.

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According to the Annual Old Town Canoe and Kayak Scratch and Dent Sale Facebook Page, they are set to have their biggest sale yet this year:

"This is the biggest kayak and canoe sale of the year!!! Enjoy huge savings on hundreds of scratched and dented boats!!! We will also be offering 20% off on all accessories from brands like NRS, Carlisle, Werner, Aquabound, Bending Branches, Bic, Obrien, and many more!"

The event is free and open to the public.

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