Cinco De Mayo is almost here and folks in Downtown Bangor are being asked to weigh in on one very important question: Who in Downtown makes the best Margarita?

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The "Downtown Bangor 2024 Margarita Competition" will take place, right in the heart of the City, on Sunday, May 5th from 4M to 8 PM.

As detailed on their website, the object of the competition is to crown a winner in a couple of different categories.


"Aside from an 'official' judging that will be taking place, we will also be holding a PEOPLE’S CHOICE VOTE by collecting punch cards that will be dropped off to each of the participating locations. The winning bar/restaurant gets a special award plus bragging rights for the year!"

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According to the Downtown Bangor Facebook Page, last year's winners are the bars to beat. Diamonds Gentleman's Club holds the honor of the "Judges Cup" award, while Benjamins Pub is the current "People's Choice" award champion.

"We hope you will join us and a serious slate of mixologists who are ready to compete for the title and adoration of the masses."

So who will take the top spots this year?

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Those competing in this year's competition include 15 different downtown establishments.

Restaurants like Tesoros, Umami, The Butcher The Baker, Blaze, Portland Pie Company, and Hero's will go up against local watering holes like 2 Feet Brewing, Carolinas, The Waverly, Nocturnem, Happy Endings, and Benjamins. Diamonds Gentlemen's Club will also throw their offering into the contest.

Eugene Bochkarev
Eugene Bochkarev

Good luck on your quest to find the best, and remember to party responsibly.

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