We've all been stuck inside, all winter long and whether because of the rain or snow, we've just been piling and collecting things for months.

It's time to do a little "Spring Cleaning", but before you go hog-wild, here are some things you might want to consider so you can create a plan before you purge and make the most of your tidying up time.

Spring Clean-Up Collections: 

If you live in a town that offers a Spring Clean Up pick-up, where the Public Works Department will come to your house and pick up the piles of yard debris, sticks, leaves, and also trash, and bulky items, take advantage of this service. It's good to know when those pickups will be happening, and just what's allowed.


In Bangor, the collection of yard debris and scrap metal will start Monday, April 29th, according to the City's website.

"Please pile your waste parallel to the road, but not in the road, avoid low hanging wires, and don’t stack it around your household trash bin. If your branches aren’t out when we clean up your street you will need to bring them to Public Works at 530 Maine Ave. as we won’t be able to make a second trip around the city. Lumber, boards, and demolition debris will not be picked up. If these are mixed in with your branches, the branches will not be picked up.."

In Brewer, the collection of yard debris will start sometime in May. Folks at the Public Works Department say they have not picked an official date yet, but when they do they'll post it on the City's website.

When they do pick a date, here's what you can expect the City of Brewer to help you dispose of:

"ONLY non-Freon containing white goods, leaves and tree waste will be picked up curbside. These are: • White goods - stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and other miscellaneous metals. • Leaves – must be in biodegradable bags and may include garden waste such as old flowers, small plants etc. Please, no soil, branches, plant pots or trash (bags are available for purchase from the Brewer Landfill @ $0.50 per bag; the bags are usually available at Hannaford, Aubuchon, and Lowes). • Tree Waste – up to 8’ long branches and logs, but no stumps. Please note, lumber or building materials are not considered 'Tree Waste'."

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Dianne Maire

In Old Town, their Annual Curbside Spring Clean-Up will be in June. Public Works Crews will make their way from house to house, collecting appliances, bulky furniture, and other household items between June 3rd and June 14th. They'll collect Hazardous Waste on June 8th. And bagged leaves will be collected from June 13th through the 26th. You can check the details at the city of Old Town's website.

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Other Opportunities To Dispose Of Or Recycle Your Stuff:

Now, if you're looking to get rid of things other than yard waste, there are other ways to do that.

The Staples store in Bangor will take your E-Waste any day they're open. You just have to bring it in.


If you have any household items or building materials that are still useful, Habitat For Humanity of Greater Bangor would love to take those off your plate. They have a special Restock the ReStore event taking place on April 22nd to do just that. Check out those details here.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore 6, Cori Skall
Habitat For Humanity ReStore 6, Cori Skall

Landfill Information:

If you're unsure what to do with your old stuff, but you think it needs to be thrown out, you can always reach out to our local trash removal company and landfill to double-check.

Dumpsters being full with garbage container trash on ecology and environment

Casella Waste Management

Ways To Help:

If you want to help in the effort to make the space around you a little more beautiful, you can also volunteer to help with things like the Downtown Bangor Spring Clean Up & Earth Day Celebrations, which are scheduled to take place Saturday, April 22nd from 9 AM to noon.


Hopefully, with a little pre-planning, you'll be able to make the most out of this year's Spring Clean-Up season.

Sebastian Gorczowski
Sebastian Gorczowski

Good luck out there!

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