You can file this under "Only in Maine..."

While many schools and state and local offices were closed on Thursday, along with many businesses around Maine due to an early April Nor'easter, one Bucksport business decided to brave the elements so that die-hard ice cream lovers would not be without their daily fix!

Origami Guy buying his ice cream, The Dairy Port
Origami Guy buying his ice cream, The Dairy Port

Colin Meshey has owned The Dairy Port on Main Street in Bucksport for the past 5 years. With a local crew scheduled for today, he decided to open so folks could enjoy an ice-cold cone on this lovely Spring Day.

He even went so far as to give us a little weather update from outside of the shop! And apparently, we've had a small cone's worth of snowfall, so far.

While they say business has been a little on the slow side to start today, they have had some regulars brave the storm to come and get a cone.

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A Nor'easter was not about to stop this local man, Ben Pluard (known by The Dairy Port crew as "Origami Guy" because he always leaves them little Origami creations) from getting his treat today.

First customer of the day, The Dairy Port
The first customer of the day, The Dairy Port

In case you have a hankering for some delicious soft-serve ice cream on this snowy afternoon, The Dairy Port will be open until 8 PM.

"We wanted to make a post saying we were open, and this seemed like a fun way to do it!"

Red Raspberry Cone, The Dairy Port
Red Raspberry Cone, Robert Trumble Photography

We're told their flavor of the day is Red Raspberry.

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