I can't even imagine the grief and pain the parents of young Kamdyn Alex Servisky of Searsport have been feeling since last month when their preschooler slipped away from his caretaker and was later found deceased in a nearby pond.

Kamdyn Alex Servisky, Family Photos
Kamdyn Alex Servisky, Family Photos

According to NewsCenter Maine, the pond was located just outside of the apartment complex he was staying at. Maine State Police called the death an accident.

"Servisky, who is on the autistic spectrum, had just celebrated his fourth birthday on Aug. 30. Just about two months later, his family is dealing with planning his funeral."

According to his family, Kammy as they called him, was as sweet as they come, as written in his obituary.

"Kammy loved Peppa Pig, Bluey and Minions. His favorite movies were Frozen, Sammy the Turtle and Elf on the shelf-but only the first one. He could spend hours on a trampoline. Full of energy and life. Eskimo kisses were his love language. He would close his little eyes and show his love by rubbing noses. "

Despite the devastation they're enduring, in a show of extraordinary fortitude and strength, Kammy's parents are trying to turn their horrible tragedy into action for positive change. They have started a foundation in his name and they hope to raise money for one-on-one swim lessons for children with Autism, to prevent accidents like the one that happened to their little boy.


A flyer the family made up, tells of the difficulty they had getting Kamdyn proper swim lessons.

"Kamdyn's family had been looking for years for swim lessons for him with no luck. That is why now they are starting a foundation in Kamdyn's honor to help people on the Autism Spectrum get the swimming lessons they desperately need."

One of the ways they are hoping to raise some money for this is through a special dinner at Warren's Waterfront Restaurant in Bucksport.

Pile of Twenty Dollar Bills
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This Saturday, November 4th, from 5 PM to 8 PM, there will be a benefit dinner and silent auction. Proceeds from both will go straight to that special cause.

According to Warren's Waterfront Restaurant Facebook Page, there are many items up for grabs if one wants to buy a raffle ticket.

"Kamdyn Servisky Benefit raffle items include a 50/50 drawing, 20# lobster from F/V Seacock, a Photo shoot from Jenn Marie Photography $400 value, Deer processing for 1 deer donated by Donny Eldredge, many other gift certificates and items from generous local businesses... Raffle tickets $1 each or $8 for 10."

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