WWE has hosted over 500 different pay-per-view events throughout the years, but have you been to any of these?

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Although in recent years they’ve transitioned to using the term 'premium live event,' these are all the shows that have taken place in New England.

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Having been in the pay-per-view game since the mid-1980s, WWE has become the undisputed industry leader in professional wrestling.

With the success of their first major show, WrestleMania, taking place on March 31st, 1985, at Madison Square Garden, WWE capitalized on the pay-per-view format and turned the promotion of professional wrestling into a science. They would use the free weekly television shows to promote the storylines and big matches that people would eventually have to pay to see.

The first pay-per-view event in New England was Survivor Series in November of 1990, which took place at the Hartford Civic Center (now known as the XL Center) in Hartford, Connecticut.

Since that first Survivor Series in 1990, WWE has hosted 30 events in our region, running a show in every state in New England except for Vermont and our Pine Tree State. Even New Hampshire has gotten in on the fun.

Who knows, maybe Maine will get in on the action someday! The Cross Insurance Arena in Portland and the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor would make fine, if admittedly smaller, host venues. Heck, if they wanted to do something crazy, WWE has produced outdoor events before, so why not make something happen at the Maine Savings Amphitheater?

The most common yearly events that we’ve seen in New England are 'Survivor Series' and 'Backlash,' with us getting five of each over the years. Additionally, Boston, Massachusetts, has seen the most shows, with 11 taking place at the venue that’s been known as the Boston Garden, FleetCenter, TD Banknorth Garden, and now simply, TD Garden.

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Take a look at every WWE pay-per-view or premium live event that’s taken place in New England!

Every WWE Pay-Per-View Event That Took Place in New England

WWE has hosted over 500 different pay-per-view events. Although in recent years they’ve transitioned to using the term ‘premium live event,’ these are all the shows that have taken place in New England.

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