They are not everywhere, so maybe you don’t.

Full disclosure. I wouldn’t have passed the quiz, since I’ve never seen them, and only tried to figure out what they were for, by guessing. And my answer was not specific enough.

The Maine D.O.T. actually quizzed on social media and we have a lot of very aware drivers in Maine who nailed it.

Remember Maine D.O.T. is also the same agency that does the creative signs up and down the Interstate, that not only inform us, but certainly also entertain us.

Maine D.O.T. is a very creative agency.

Back to the question at hand.

Anyone? Anyone?

Almost time to turn in your answers.

One last chance? Need a hint?

Maine D.O.T.
Maine D.O.T.

From the Maine Department of Transportation

These are what we refer to internally as “moose delineators.” They are installed in corridors with a high frequency of moose crashes, because unlike deer, moose are dark and tall enough that their eyes don’t reflect back at drivers the same as deer. This can make them hard to see. The reflective white portion is at headlight level and creates a band of white light. If a driver ever notices a break in the reflectivity, there may be a large animal entering the roadway.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

More from Miane D.O.T. about the reflectors:

Currently, we have these “moose delineators” installed in Cyr Plantation and Van Buren. We have also installed some in Wayne and Winslow to delineate a dangerous curve in the road.

Photo by Anna Mircea on Unsplash
Photo by Anna Mircea on Unsplash

Happy Motoring.

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