How much thought goes into what color nail polish you wear?

First came Red.  Then came Pink Then maybe it was a French.

Not that I know anything about manicures or nail polish. But I do observe that the times they are a changing.

Who hasn’t seen that was once almost exclusively red is now a rainbow of colors.  And sometime literally.

The evolution of nail polish might have started with black.  Which was so drastic compared to red or pink.

Then white. And blue.  And brown. And green. And purple.  Lots of shades of all colors for that matter.

Any thoughts on what the most popular Nail polish color is in Maine?

Actually, someone did do a study about most popular nail polish colors and broke it down into seasons.

Why pick just one most popular when you can ask in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and get 4 different ‘most popular answers.’

Let’s find the Answers

We are into the fall season and one might think the most popular nail polish shade would be something fall related. Like pumpkin, or brown.  Or maybe red and orange and yellow like the color of the leaves.


Green was found to be the most popular fall color in Maine for nails.

Don’t sweat it. You’ll get the next one.

Or maybe not, because it’s sort of a trick question.

Most popular for winter in Maine. Is French. So not totally a color, but a style.

On to Spring

Survey says:  Blue  Blue? As in don’t be blue, it’s spring.

Maine’s most popular Nail color for Summer?

This one is as old school as the survey gets. Pink is number one on the list of most popular nail polish colors for summer.

So it is, Blue, Pink, Green and French.

ElenaNichizhenova, ThinkStock
ElenaNichizhenova, ThinkStock

Be yourself. Wear your color. And know that the original red only made the list of 4 colors for all 50 states a couple of times.

Details shot of hands applying red nail varnish to nails
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