In a nation known for its love of coffee, tea, and wine, it's no surprise that stained teeth are a common concern. A recent study conducted by Imagix Dental sought to uncover which states and cities in the United States are most likely to have residents with discolored teeth. The Discolored Teeth Index was created, taking into account the consumption of teeth-staining beverages and the prevalence of smoking stains from cigarettes.

Before we delve into the results, it's important to note that this index is not an evaluation of dental care quality across states. It focuses solely on the likelihood of having stained or discolored teeth, regardless of dental habits or access to dental care.

According to the study, the top spot for teeth stains goes to New Hampshire. Live free or die, right? Folks of the Granite State have the highest probability of having discolored teeth, primarily due to their elevated consumption of coffee, tea, and especially wine. In fact, New Hampshire boasts the highest wine consumption rate in the entire country, with an average of 7.31 gallons of wine consumed per person over the age of 21 in 2020. 

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Joining New Hampshire in the top three states most likely to have discolored teeth are their New England neighbors: Vermont and Rhode Island. So, it seems that our New England region lives up to its namesake when it comes to embracing dental imperfections.

Meanwhile, in the sixth position, that’s where we come in. While not quite in the top three, Maine still ranks quite high in the Discolored Teeth Index. At least we’re not as bad as New Hampshire, right?

On the flip side, the study revealed that Utah claims the title of the state with the least discolored teeth. Residents of Utah seem to have mastered the art of maintaining pearly whites, as they ranked last in the Discolored Teeth Index. It appears that Utahns' dental habits, including limited consumption of teeth-staining beverages and lower smoking rates, contribute to their radiant smiles.

It's important to remember that tooth discoloration is a common concern and can be addressed through various dental treatments, including professional whitening procedures. Whether you reside in a state with a high probability of stained teeth or are fortunate enough to hail from a place like Utah, maintaining good oral hygiene practices and seeking professional dental care can help you achieve a bright and confident smile.

So, let's raise a cup of coffee, tea, or wine (in moderation, of course) and remember that while teeth stains may be a common occurrence, there are plenty of solutions available to keep our smiles dazzling and our spirits high.

Plus, there’s nothing on Earth that’s going to stop me from getting my daily iced coffee.

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