A video I shot that showed the ducks on the Brewer Riverwalk got a lot of attention, but it was because I wasn't supposed to be feeding them.

What Did You Feed Them?

Earlier this month, my friend and I went for a walk on Brewer's beautiful waterfront trail. We brought along some stale Cheerios, which we then fed to the ducks that hang out by the canoe launch. It was fun, the ducks were adorable, and I shot a little video, which I shared online the next day.

Why Aren't You Supposed to Feed the Ducks?

After people started telling me that they understood it was something you weren't supposed to do, I reached out to Michael Martin, Director of the Brewer Parks and Recreation Department. He confirmed that feeding the ducks is discouraged and said that a sign that had gone missing on the Riverwalk would soon be replaced, so people would know that it's not a good thing to do.

Feeding the ducks can lead to over-population, which can then lead to a possible, unintended spread of disease amongst the birds, and even potential increased risk to humans.

Michael went on to say that, if they let one person do it, then they have to let everyone, and that could put the ducks at risk. The ducks' health could be endangered if they eat too much food that's not as healthy for them as the foods they would eat when naturally foraging. Of course, there's also a risk to the safety of children who may be allowed to feed the ducks close to the river, without proper supervision.

Will You Still Walk the Riverwalk Trail?

I appreciate everyone for pointing out my error and Michael for explaining it to me. My friend and will still walk the trail regularly, (until the snow flies) but, from now on, I'll throw those stale Cheerios into the trash, instead of into the water. If you get a chance, check out the beautiful Brewer Riverwalk Trail. But please, don't feed the birds.

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