Who doesn’t love lunch from a food truck? And as the weather warms up along the Bangor waterfront, one of the rites of summer is lunch from one of the food trucks there to satisfy our tastes.

Opening day is Saturday, May 6. But it'll be like a soft opening.

And here is the starting line-up once the trucks are up and running for the season.

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Bangor Parks and Rec department says that the maximum number of trucks allowed is five. It will look a lot different than this.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

The starting line-up of food trucks

Nora’s Grill is coming back. “Made with Love.”

Facebook Nora's Grill
Facebook Nora's Grill

Like the side of the truck says Burgers, Hot Dogs, Hand Cut French Fries. Who could want more?

That is one coming back, but Nora's Grill owner Alan Alexander told us he has a previous commitment for this weekend, so he will be on the Bangor waterfront early next week.

Wild Cow Creamery will be coming back too.

Facebook Wild Cow Creamery
Facebook Wild Cow Creamery

But, not on Saturday. Look for them in late May or early June as the weather truly warms up.

New for 2023 on the Bangor waterfront

Ca C’est Bon Truck will be making its debut on the waterfront this year this weekend.

Facebook Ca C'est Bon
Facebook Ca C'est Bon

For the first day, Ca C’est Bon will be having a crawfish boil.

Owner Stephen Cousineau says

We are picking up 450 pounds of live crawfish and doing a very large crawfish boil.

That will feed a lot of people.

Ca C’est Bon is proud to be sharing Louisiana dishes with the people of the Bangor area. Stephen and his family moved to Maine from Louisiana nine years ago. It’s been his dream to open a food truck, studying cooking in all the countries he has had the pleasure of living in.

Grand opening is a chance to share an amazing experience with a lot of people.

Sounds like a plan for Saturday.

From last year, Pompei Pizza is not returning but instead concentrating on catering and other events.

And Little Red Snack Shack which was there last summer has opened a brick-and-mortar operation inside Northern Light Walk-in Care on Union Street in Bangor.

That is only 3 trucks Confirmed

So there are still openings for 2 more, and Bangor Parks and Rec said that they are finalizing the paper work and the process and those 2 other food trucks will join the others on the waterfront later this month. Stay tuned for who they are as soon as the permits are issued to operate.

Also, some trucks may pop up for weekends or special events.

If you are a food truck and are interested in operating along the Bangor waterfront, reach out to Bangor Parks and Rec department.

We love food trucks.

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