Maine has a lot of really 'cool' towns, but this one is getting nationwide recognition!

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With the new year ringing in 2024 and potentially bringing hefty amounts of snow to our Pine Tree State, mountain towns and resort spots are once again in the spotlight.

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While Maine has several of the such, Bethel has stood out and set itself apart from the rest.

The publication 'Far & Wide' released a list of the '50 Best Small Mountain Towns in the U.S.,' making it clear that the towns listed are the best small mountain towns with populations of about 10,000 or fewer that are "filled with charm and scenic adventures you'll love."

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

While 'Far & Wide' considered several towns in New England, our own Bethel got a nod this time.

But what makes Bethel so special?

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Bethel is a beautiful village with lots of outdoor opportunities in all seasons. It offers great skiing and snowmobiling in the winter and numerous hiking and canoeing adventures in the summer. Of course, the crucial element in this ranking is the mountains.

Bethel is located on the western edge of the Oxford Hills and on the southern rim of the rugged Mahoosuc Range. Nearby Locke and Barker Mountains lie within the Mahoosuc Range, a subrange of the White Mountains, part of the Northern Appalachian Mountains.

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The 'Far & Wide' article states,

Just 5 miles from Sunday River ski resort you will find the village of Bethel. Filled with B&Bs, the village is welcoming whether you're on skis or off, making it ideal for a four-season getaway with the White Mountain National Forest serving as a backdrop. The Androscoggin River is great for kayaking and canoeing, and if you want to catch some serious views, hike in Grafton Notch State Park.

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Also on the list is Lake Placid, New York. Interestingly, 'Lake Placid' is a movie that takes place in Maine, and most scenes were shot in Lincoln, Maine. Funny enough, if you haven’t seen the movie, its name is not even the name of the lake featured in the movie. Instead, it is set on a fictional lake in Maine named ‘Black Lake.’ The movie title refers to one of the early scenes when a sheriff says, "They wanted to call it Lake Placid, but that name was taken."

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