Do you ever see videos on TikTok that immediately make you feel like the most talentless pile of garbage on planet earth? If so, then same.

Okay, I'm being a little facetious with that initial question, but there is just a slight bit of truth to it, am I right? We see all the time these incredible videos of people showing off remarkable skills in all different aspects of life and sports.

From the star-studded Dude Perfect series to everyday people who are just insanely good at certain things. Social media has opened our eyes to the remarkable talents that people all over the world possess.

One video in particular that came through my feed recently was from a page called Lancaster Illuminated. The video itself was absolutely stunning right from the get-go. However, I was even more awe-inspired when I realized that this video was shot right here in the great State of Maine.

The page is run by an amazing photographer named, Jonathan Sambrick. Recently, he brought his camera (probably a wicked-expensive one) and a tripod up into a remote area of Maine known as the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. A place which, if you've never heard of it, is definitely worth doing some reading on.

While he was there, Jonathan says that he left his camera on the tripod all night to capture amazing glimpses of the Maine night sky. What the camera ended up capturing is nothing less than breathtaking.

Let's watch the video right after we learn a little bit more about Jonathan!

Photographer, Jonathan Sambrick, says in his website's 'about me' portion,

"Born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, I’ve had a fascination with objects in the night sky sky from an early age. As far back as the third grade, I would often rent out tomes from the school library talking about the wonderful objects to be found outside of our earthly sphere. Soon after, I purchased an old dusty telescope at a local garage sale that I used to observe a lunar eclipse. It wouldn’t be until after college that I was able to rediscover my passion through the art of astrophotography and the ways that a modern camera sensor and computer software could reveal the hidden tapestry right above our heads."

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Gallery Credit: 92 Moose Facebook Submissions

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