Bubbles. We all know what they look like. They float and are circled in shape, but when I looked at this picture, I realized quickly it was not a bubble and it also...may be alive?

Let's get into it.

Maine Insects or the Maine Entomological Society is a Facebook page where folks can go to post pictures of insects they come across and ask questions about the bugs.

That's exactly what one group member, Claire, did after finding a gel-like sphere on her porch in West Bath. Many of us may have just walked away, but instead of simply ignoring it, she chose to engage and seek thoughts from fellow members.

Her post reads,

Found this little gel-like sphere on my front porch this morning, all by itself. Looked like an enormous rain drop. It’s about 1cm in diameter and it’s delicate, but I was able to pick it up. Any ideas? I googled it and only found beach/marine-related topics but it wasn’t close to water.

Claire Willhite via Facebook
Claire Willhite via Facebook

I would have done the same. I love learning about life's little mysteries, especially if they have to do with nature. It's always good to know what other organisms we are sharing this earth with, right?

Upon sharing the pics, other commenters were puzzled as well. Initial speculations ranged from the photo being sap or water, but one person suggested that it looks like snail eggs.

Claire Willhite via Facebook
Claire Willhite via Facebook

Intrigued, I googled a picture of snail eggs, and also found similarities in the appearance.

However, the mystery remains unsolved, prompting me to seek input from you. I'm reaching out to all of you in the quest for an answer!

What the heck is this gel-like spherical thingy found in West Bath? Do you know?

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