Following the massive wind and rain storm a couple of weeks ago that knocked power out to hundreds of thousands of Mainers, many buildings and homes are still reeling from damage caused by both falling trees and flood waters.

As rivers and streams around Maine breached their banks, hundreds of homes and businesses alike were left with catastrophic water damage that became more evident as the waters began to recede.

One of those businesses was the beloved Quarry Tap Room in Downtown Hallowell.

A local fan-favorite and longtime Central Maine watering hole, the Quarry Tap Room is home to some of the fondest memories any of us have from local restaurants in the area.

During the flood, the Kennebec River rose to levels not seen in 36 years since the flood of '87. Water climbed the banks and eventually made its way to Water Street (no pun intended).

And, when that happened, it flooded the Quarry Tap Room.

However, the owners and staff at the Quarry have been dead-set since day one on getting the damage repaired and cleaned up and the restaurant/bar reopened once again.

In an update posted on the bar's Facebook Page, the Quarry Tap Room staff said that the majority of the cleanup and drying is mostly done.

They are now setting their sights on finishing repairs to the flooring, as well as the heating and cooling systems. They don't have a reopening date set in stone as of yet, but it looks like it may not be that far off.

The Facebook post said in part,

Good Morning & Happy 2024 From The Quarry Tap Room. A Quick Update Of Our Post Flood Progress. The Major Cleaning, Drying & Disinfecting Is Completed. We Work Now On Repairing & Replacing Flooring As Well As Heating & Cooling Equipment. We're Working Diligently To Reopen As Soon As Possible In A Safe & Clean Environment. We Will Update Again Soon As We Move Closer To Reopening.

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