According to WABI, a Maine school was just awarded a colossal amount of money for simply being amazing. Let me tell you why.

This small coastal Maine town was recognized as one of the nine finalists for the prestigious Yass Prize!

The Yass Prize is an award that highlights schools that show Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding, and Permissionless (STOP) learning, according to the article. 

During an award ceremony in New York City on Wednesday night, St. George Municipal School in Tenants Harbor was awarded $500,000. That is half a million dollars – a huge amount of money!

The school is trailblazing an initiative to establish the first  Pre-K to 12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in the nation, according to WABI.

Because of this, Superintendent Mike Felton shared his excitement about being named a finalist and highlighted the community's dedication to innovation, the news station said.

This huge amount of prize money will help to build a CTE Makerspace facility in collaboration with the MidCoast School of Technology, according to WABI.

This will help the students from kindergarten through eighth grade, and with the Yass Prize, the school wants to raise between $3.2 and $3.4 million for its educational programs, the news station reported.

Superintendent Felton sees this as an amazing step forward, bringing inspiration and energy to the community as a whole, as per the article. 

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