Maine is one of the most heavily forested states in the country.  Even in the densely populated (for Maine, at least) southern Maine, the towns and cities are surrounded by pine tree forests.  Because of that, you never know what lays hidden just beyond those trees.  Factories, schools, houses…  Most of these buildings and structures are still in use, but hundreds across the state sit abandoned.

One of these abandoned structures is a million dollar mansion perched on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  While not massive, it is a good sized vacation home with amazing views.

So, why was it abandoned?  Two groups of urban explorers tell the same story in their videos about the mansion.  While we cannot find anything online confirming the story, locals insist the following story is true.  Supposedly, a wealthy family from China fell in love with the coast of Maine and decided to make the area their home.  The purchased a plot of land and built a mansion.  Sadly, one of the family’s sons was playing near the edge of the cliff.  Somehow, he fell from the cliff and he passed away from his injuries.  Heart broken by the tragedy, the family packed up and moved back to China.  Since then, the mansion has set empty.

***WARNING - Never enter an abandoned building or home.    Not only is it illegal, it can also be dangerous***

A Tour Of The Abandoned Mansion On The Coast Of Maine

Unlike many of the abandoned homes and buildings in Maine, it does not appear that this mansion has been abandoned all that long. In fact, some of the remaining appliances look brand new! The images in this gallery came from Youtube videos that can be found HERE and HERE

Unfortunately, like a lot of abandoned places, people have broken into the home, covered it with graffiti, and trashed the place.

The following videos show complete tours of the mansion.

The Abandoned Central Maine Sanatorium

In operation from about 1914 until 1970, the sickest TB patients in Maine were sent to this sanatorium in Central Maine. After the final TB patients left, it was used as a hospital for alcoholics and as a nursing home. Its final chapter ended in 2001. Check out a video of the exploration of the building HERE

The Old Seton Hospital

Take a look at these pics of the old Seton Hospital in Waterville. Get more details about the property HERE

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