A frustrated single woman on Reddit detailed how a recent date turned sour all because she admitted she isn't a fan of country music.

"I went on a date with a guy from my university. We did normal things like getting to know each other. It went great until he asked me if I liked country music. I told him 'Not really, I’ve never been much of a fan of it.' He said, 'Oh, why don’t you like it?' and got snappy with me," the young woman shared.

"I said 'I’ve never really thought about it but I just don’t like the way it sounds,'" she continued her since-deleted Reddit post.

Unfortunately, her date didn't respond too kindly to her admission, all because he had already made an assumption that she must like the country genre.

"We continued eating and about [five] minutes later he says to me 'I only asked because I got us tickets to a local country band but since you hate county music so much…,'" she explained.

"I didn’t say anything else because I did just tell him that I don’t like country music. We finished our meals and split the bill. I told my friend and she told me 'you wouldn’t get it since you’re from Illinois but here (Kentucky), people take country music seriously, especially the boys,'" the woman concluded, asking Reddit if she did something wrong.

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In the comments section, readers told the woman she was lucky for "dodging a bullet" with her country-loving date.

"He asked, you answered. He got nasty. You dodged a bullet," one person wrote.

"Who buys concert tickets without asking if the person even likes that sort of music? 100 [percent] on him for assuming," someone else commented.

"It sounds like you dodged a bullet. He got nasty with you because you don't like the same music. Like, WTF. You were polite and you're allowed to like whatever genres of music you like," another shared.

"...This is just a red flag. People who can’t accept or respect others’ opinions and preferences are cringe-y and [it] is a sign of other concerning behavior," someone else chimed in.

"I love metal. I would NEVER take a first date to a metal concert because I am a normal, thinking person who knows my tastes are the minority," another commented.

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