Taylor Swift's reported split from her longtime boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, was the plot twist no Swiftie could have predicted --- or was it?

After news broke on April 8 that Swift and Alwyn's romance had ended after six years, eagle-eyed fans became obsessed with searching for clues she might have previously dropped hinting that their relationship had ended.

In hopes of pinpointing a breakup date, Swift fans began to comb through her Eras Tour performances. As it turns out, Swift might have dropped a clue about the reported breakup back in March.

On March 31, Swift unexpectedly switched up her setlist during her tour stop in Arlington, Texas.

According to People, Swift swapped out her song "Invisible String," which is a dreamy love song about soulmates, for her nostalgic breakup ballad "The 1." Both songs can be found on her album Folklore, which was released in 2020 and includes two songs co-written by Alwyn under the pen name "William Bowery."

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While fans in Texas initially seemed to think Swift just wanted to surprise the crowd with something different, many fans now believe the song swap was much deeper than that.

Was Swift trying to hint she was in the middle of a breakup and reminiscing about lost love?

While Swift hasn't commented directly about swapping the songs, the Midnights singer has continued to perform her updated setlist since March 31.

Listen to Taylor Swift's "The 1" Below:

According to People, a source close to Swift and Alwyn confirmed the pair have indeed split.

Swift and Alwyn were first linked romantically in 2016, and have even collaborated on music together, co-writing songs such as "Betty," "Exile," "Champagne Problems," "Coney Island" and "Evermore."

Alwyn is also said to have inspired Swift's song "Lavender Haze."

Unfortunately, that haze certainly seems less enchanting now.

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