A man on Reddit is upset and "hates the world" because he can't date Miley Cyrus.

In a since-deleted Reddit post, an anonymous man lamented his inability to date the world-famous actress and pop star, blaming his family in the process for not giving him the connections and wealth he believes would have given him access to the Hollywood star.

"I love Miley Cyrus and I hate the fact that I wasn't born in a rich successful family to be able to pursue her. I'm not even asking to be born directly in the Hollywood as even being born in the middle east and being rich is enough. I was just born in a bad part of it. A bad incompetent family who couldn't provide me with wealth or skills or anything worthy," he began his rant.

"If I was born in a better place I could be living in a mansion right now and I could date Miley. I could at least meet her and talk to her. Just like all those guys can. I can't accept the reality that I'm less of a human compared to those guys. I'm a human being just like them. The only difference is that they were born in good places and I wasn't. I'm a failure due to my environment and genetics. I didn't choose to be this. I don't want this life. I deserve better," he continued.

The man even admitted he has tried to contact Cyrus in the past, to no avail.

"I love Miley a lot ... I think about her every single day and I've done everything to make contact with her. All failed. All of my efforts have been put to failure. Not because my plans were bad but because the world doesn't favor me and my kind," he shared.

"I hate my life. I hate this world," he concluded his post, which was titled, "Why can't I live the life that I deserve? Why can't I have my favorite girl? I hate my life a lot."

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Even though it was deleted, the Reddit post made its way to Twitter, where users weighed in on the man's entitlement.

"This is one of the main characteristics of INCELs. The running stream of narcissism where they believe they are entitled to certain women, here Miley Cyrus. And it's everyone else's fault he doesn't get what he wants," one person wrote.

"'Life I deserve.' He doesn’t 'deserve' Miley Cyrus. Even if he had wealth and power, it’s unlikely Miley Cyrus would ever date this narcissistic misogynist ... But no one 'deserves' to have another human being. Women aren’t objects to own and possess," another shared.

"Of all the reasons to hate the glaring wealth inequalities of our world, this guy picks 'I can't date Miley Cyrus,'" someone else tweeted.

"This is why misogynists cling to the narrative that if only they were rich, they could have any woman they want. Because women aren't human beings with their own unique desires, they're objects to obtain. And not by being desirable but by purchasing them," another user shared.

Others on social media even worried about Cyrus' safety given that the man tried to contact her.

"Miley might want to bump her security up because this guy has scale the privacy fence written all over him. Creepy," one user wrote.

"Miley's security should definitely have this guy on a watch list, yikes," another person tweeted.

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