A groom on Reddit admitted he told his brother he couldn't be his best man if he didn't shave or trim his long beard for the wedding.

"My brother has a long unruly beard, picture Duck Dynasty but more unkempt. Myself and fiancé don’t think it’s appropriate for him to just leave it like that on the wedding day," the man wrote.

"However when asked in a normal, respectful manner if he would mind trimming it down cleanly shortly before the wedding, he refused," the groom continued his post.

Ultimately, the groom decided his brother's physical appearance wasn't the right fit for his wedding aesthetic.

"I told him that it seemed like a light request and if he didn’t trim it he couldn’t be my best man/on the stage with us, which he said is 'fine with him,'" the man concluded, asking Reddit if he was in the wrong.

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In the comments section, many people agreed the man was in the wrong for prioritizing his wedding aesthetic over his brother.

"It is his face, his decision," one user commented.

"I generally don't believe in asking someone to make changes to their appearance for almost any reason. Trimming a big beard may take years to get it back to where it was," another shared.

"If you want your brother in the wedding party, ask him to be in the wedding party. But you don't get to tell him to cut/trim his beard for your special 30 minute ceremony any more than he gets to arbitrarily tell you both to shave your heads because he doesn't like your hairstyles," someone else weighed in.

"You asked your brother if he could trim his beard for your wedding, he declined. You then made him understand that it wasn't really a request and gave him a choice, he chose. For some reason, you are here now asking strangers on the internet for a new strategy to get what you want," another reader chimed in.

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