Drew Barrymore was escorted away during an event in New York City Tuesday (Aug. 22) when an alleged stalker suddenly rushed the stage, trying desperately to speak to her.

Barrymore was interviewing actress and singer Reneé Rapp about her new album, Snow Angel, when a man suddenly emerged from the audience at 92NY.

In a viral video shared online, Barrymore can be seen on stage excitedly greeting someone from the audience.

"Oh my God, yes, hi," Barrymore greets the man as he approaches the stage.

Rapp looks alarmed and sits up in her chair.

"I'm Chad Michael Busto, you know who I am. I need to see you at some point while I'm here in New York. OK?" he tells Barrymore.

Rapp immediately stands and walks Barrymore off stage as security guards intervene.

Watch the shocking moment, below:

After a brief break, the two stars returned to the stage and were able to joke about the creepy encounter.

"I have a new definition of your sexiness. It's that level of protectiveness! That went full Bodyguard!" Barrymore told Rapp, calling her "my Kevin Costner."

"I'll be that!" Rapp replied.

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According to Insider, a person who attended the event said they first believed the man was a "planned guest" because "Drew was so warm and excited to see him."

"But then we saw Reneé kick into protective mode. Then he said his name and started to get more aggressive, so we all realized something was off," the attendee added.

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