Whatever happened to the rule, "Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride vehicle at all times?"

Earlier this month, a guest at Disneyland went too far and didn't listen to the cast members. An unnamed man was riding the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction when the ride stopped due to technical malfunctions. TikTok user @_curlyliz_ captured the moment on video and uploaded it to their social media account.

The man, in question, was seen wading in the water alongside one of the ride vehicle boats. The water depth itself was at least a few feet, the man was in the water up to his hips. He is then seen grabbing a small child and carrying them through the water while a cast member advised him to get back into his boat with the rest of the party. The cast member was in waders trying to push the boats along the track for guests to remain dry and safe.

The guest didn't seem to be injured although they could have seriously injured themselves with the electricity, water, mechanics and track involved underneath the ride vehicles. The guest could have also injured the infant or damaged the attraction in the process. The TikToker posted the audio, "My Heart Will Go On," alongside the video clip.

"They demanded to speak to Jack Sparrow 😳😁😅😂," a viewer wrote in the comment section. "They need a lifeboat for these😅," another user joked. "Omg the water always seemed soooo deep to me with the lights off & all the effects," one user pointed out.

This wasn't the only Pirates of the Caribbean ride incident. Previously, another guest decided to hop off the boat into an actual show scene. The person jumped off onto the platform where the animatronics are including the character of Red and the hens. Because of this, the ride had to be stopped and the guests were evacuated.

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