It's always heartbreaking when a celebrity is killed or goes missing.

Over the decades, a number of big stars have been taken from us too soon. The unsolved mysteries surrounding murdered celebrities such as Elizabeth Short and JonBenét Ramsey have continued to baffle the public and police alike, while others, like the senseless deaths of beloved figures such as Selena Quintanilla and Princess Diana, still upset fans to this day.

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Perhaps even more frustrating are the celebrities and famous people who have simply disappeared without a trace over the years. From former child actor Joe Pichler to famed aviator Amelia Earhart, a number of public figures have mysteriously gone missing, never to be found or heard from again.

Celebrities Who Were Murdered

It's shocking to hear when one of your fave actors, musicians or models is murdered. In fact, many of them still haunt us to this day. Below, discover 25 who were killed.

Gallery Credit: Natasha Reda

Celebrities Who Went Missing and Were Never Found

Discover 13 famous people and celebrities who went missing and were sadly never seen again.

Gallery Credit: Jacklyn Krol

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