Beyoncé's mom Tina Knowles is addressing the most "ridiculous" Renaissance Tour rumor.

Speaking to TMZ, the pop star's mom slammed the rumors that Beyoncé uses her own personal toilet seats on tour, calling the speculation "too much."

"That is so ridiculous," Knowles laughed.

The toilet seat rumor went viral after a backstage photo leaked showing a black box labeled "Beyoncé Toilet Seats."

"Those are stands that you put fans on, they’re called toilet seats," Knowles explained.

According to Page Six, rumors about Beyoncé's tour rider began swirling after an alleged inside source claimed that "Beyoncé is such an elite performer she can literally request anything" — including her very own toilet seats, apparently.

"Her team makes great effort to ensure she has her own comforts, and a personal toilet seat happens to be one. Her tour roadies have seen everything, so it’s not a great deal for them, but it does raise a smile from people who happen to catch a glimpse of the branded container," the source continued.

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Mama Knowles also shut down comparisons between her daughter and Taylor Swift, whose massive Eras Tour coincided with Queen Bey's tour this year.

"I have nothing to say about that. They both should be celebrated," Knowles said.

When asked if fans should compare the two pop stars' tours, Knowles added, "Absolutely not. You know better than that."

Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour recently made headlines for more than just her alleged personal toilet seats. During one concert, she seemingly omitted Lizzo's name from her "Alien Superstar" performance, though she later added it back.

Her show also got off to a rocky start in Maryland when fans had to shelter in place for a few hours due to severe storms, leading to chaos in the stadium as some concertgoers suffered from heat exhaustion.

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