A mom on TikTok was furious after her 7-year-old daughter's aunt gave the little girl a permanent tattoo.

In September, the frustrated mother (user @newskii_soexotic24) uploaded series of videos to TikTok sharing the wild story.

The mom claims that while her daughter was visiting her dad's side of the family in California, the little girl's 28-year-old put her under the needle.

When her daughter was visiting California to be with her father's side of the family, her 28-year-old aunt put her under the needle while in her care.

In her video, the mom claims she was shocked when her daughter randomly called her to ask if she could get a tattoo. Even though she said no, the little girl's aunt allegedly moved forward with the ink anyway despite not getting the mother's consent, tattooing a small heart on the child's leg.

"So I just found out my baby dad sister tattooed my child!" she captioned the video. Watch below:

In the comments section, when one user suggested she file a restraining order against the aunt, the mom confirmed she already did.

She also revealed in the comments section that she called both child protective services (CPS) and the police after the incident.

In a follow-up TikTok, the mom shared a recorded conversation she had with the police, revealing the little girl's aunt was last spotted squatting in a house but that the cops could not find her current location to press charges.

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