Eat, drink and be merry all weekend long in Winterport!

Food truck season is here once again, and I for one, could not be happier. This phenomenon has really caught on in the last several years, and why wouldn't it? It's a quick, easy, and delicious way to grab a variety of mouth-watering food, and be outdoors at the same time. And when you add an adult beverage, or two to the mix, that's when the party starts.

I have a true obsession with food trucks. My dream is to have my own reality tv show, where I travel the country and sample all kinds of food and give my opinions. Since that probably won't happen, I could always hang in Winterport this weekend.

This Saturday, July 29th & Sunday, July 30th, from 12pm-6pm, it's a weekend of fun at Penobscot Bay Brewery & Winterport Winery, located at 279 South Main Street in Winterport.

The "Little Red Snack Shack" food truck will be on hand, serving up their famous ribbon fires, which are maybe the most delicious I have ever tasted in my entire life on this planet. No joke!

They also cook up some mouth watering chicken tenders too, but don’t sleep on their wraps, sandwiches & salads.

And of course you can enjoy tasty wine & craft beers, and other cocktails, from the folks at Winterport Winery, and Penobscot Bay Brewery all weekend long as well.

Head to Winterport this weekend and indulge!

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