Guess who's back in Orland?

Back on May 6th of this year, Sandy's Saloon in Orland, announced that they were closing their doors for good, then the building was put up for sale shortly thereafter.

Turns out there is some good news after all, the owner has decided that retirement just wasn't for her, so Sandy's Saloon is excited to re-open their doors for customers once again!

However, things will be a bit different when they come back:

  • Sandy's will be back at it on Friday, August 4th, starting at 4pm, A few things however, will be a bit different:
  • It will be opening as a bar only
  • They will be serving pizza, but if you want something different there are many fine eateries in the area, they ask that you please support them, then head over to Sandy’s for an ice cold beverage after.

Unfortunately, with their new license, minors aren’t allowed in the facility.

Sandy's Saloon is located at 47 Wardwell Road, in Orland.

Based on the responses from patrons on their Facebook page, people are excited to return:

Kathy Atherton Downes
This is such great news. I’m super excited!!! So happy to see you open back up!!! Wooohoo Dana

Shawn Manchester
Awesome! I can't wait to come jam!

Flint Robin Spaulding
Looking forward to seeing you reopening.

Ryan Stanhope
Perfect can't wait to swing back in

Audrey Albert
That's awesome! Congratulations! Will there be line dancing?

Heather Staples
Awesome we need a bar in town anyway

Scott A Sadin
Well thats good news...hope you have a prosperous and drama free a cruise in for classic cars on some nights it be a good time

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