One of the most anticipated movies of last year was Maine's own master of horror, Stephen King's reboot of 'It'.  It set box office records making over $120 million on its opening weekend, during which Hurricane Irma came crashing into the lower eastern United States.

Overall, the movie grossed $327.5 million in the United States and just as much overseas.

It was a movie that was well received by Stephen King fans, horror movie fans and reviewers alike.

Only two weeks after it's opening weekend, it was announced there would be a sequel.

Last week it was confirmed that the sequel is set to start filming in Toronto this summer, in July.

Now, confirmed late last week, SNL alum Bill Hader and british actor James McAvoy, are in talks to join the Losers Club, along with talks of Jessica Chastain.  The actors would be taking on the sequel as adults in the continuing storyline.

Bill Hader is to play the older version of Richie, James McAvoy as Bill and Jessica Chastain as the adult Beverly.

The sequel is planned to be released in theaters September 6, 2019.