A new documentary from a local Bangor musician raises a very spooky question, is the Sterling Hotel in Dexter, haunted?

Halloween is just about 3 weeks away now, so in addition to all the fun events planned, where everyone of any age can dress up in a fun costume, or where kids can go trick-or-treating, there is just something about this time of year that makes people interested in all the scary things. For instance, there is yet another "Halloween" movie coming out with Jamie Lee Curtis. Also, it brings out the curiosity of the paranormal. For some reason, we love the idea of haunted houses and ghosts. One guy from the Bangor area is looking into a long rumored myth about a rather creepy looking hotel in Dexter.

For a moment in time, the Sterling Hotel in Dexter was the home for live music for many, many years. I know many musician friends who played there at one point. It has remained dormant with the doors closed for good since 1999, but there are many stories from people about the prospect of it being haunted, that it was led Luke Smith, to dig a little deeper and investigate.

This week, he dropped the first part of the documentary on the YouTube channel "Mysteries of Maine", and hopes to have the complete version of it up in time for Halloween, but until then, take a sneak peek at the mystery of Dexter's Sterling Hotel, and come to your own conclusions.

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