Hats off to the Bangor boys in blue!

When it started back in 2014, the Bangor Police Department's Facebook page had about 10,000 likes, which isn't too bad, but a total change of approach has totally pumped that number into the stratosphere. With it's clever posts and videos, the page has taken the country by storm. With countless shares from each funny post, just four years later in 2018, the BPD page has well over 273,000 likes (and growing).

They have also achieved national media recognition from various outlets, including Huffington Post, Boston.Com, The Washington Post, and countless others. How did this all come about? Who was clever enough to come up with the "Duck of Justice?"

The Portland Press Herald sat down with Detective Lieutenant Tim Cotton, who is the mastermind behind the amazing success of the Bangor Police Department's social media presence. This hour-long interview in front of a studio audience called "Maine Voice Live: with Tim Cotton," will give you the behind the scenes details about their amazing success.

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