If you need a place to re-energize, relax and take back 'the now', this is your summer destination to find your inner peace.

Maine has a gem of a location that is great for a casual stop-in, an afternoon picnic, or a small celebration.

Right now is the peak time for you to check out the lavender fields of Moore Manor in Newport. The lavender is set to fully bloom in the next week or two so, now's the time to plan the family stop-in or friend squad meet-up.

The wide open area and rows and rows of lavender are quickly becoming a 'must-see' Maine destination. Locals come back year after year and now tourists are coming up to stop by see this gem in the heart of Maine.

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The business started as a casual hobby by Peggy and Doug Moore. The couple raised 5 children in their Newport home and decided to try growing lavender for fun. Since 2014, they have grown a business with 2000 lavender plants in their backyard and saw 7,000 visitors last year.

In addition to the lavender fields, you can also check out their newly started rose and butterfly garden, quaint English garden, and intriguing and secluded secret garden.

You are free to stop by and can currently pick your own lavender for $6. If that's not enough lavender, you can stop into cute cottage to check out their merchandise and curated lavender products made in their newly built workshop just steps away from the gift shop.

Check out the scenes of what this unique Maine location offers and give yourself a visual getaway to this Maine destination in Newport.

Newport Maine Lavender Field

Located close by the Sebasticook Lake, Manor Moore is a transportation to relaxation and is a New England destination.

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