I don't have cable television. Everything I watch is through a streaming service. It started out with Netflix, then I added Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, and now I've added Disney Plus. At this point I've defeated the whole purpose of cutting the cord in the first place.

The entire streaming landscape has changed because everyone is starting their own streaming service and taking all the shows and movies they own that you used to get on one service, like Netflix, and putting them on their own stream. It's defeated the entire point purpose of cutting the cord.

But I decided to use a method to defeat the streaming giants at their own game.

Each streaming service I pay a monthly fee for typically has a handful of shows that I actually want to watch. As you can see in the Star Wars meme above, that adds up and isn't exactly economically sound if you are budget conscious like me. So I've decided to rotate subscriptions.

All the streaming services have no contracts. You can pay month to month and cancel anytime and then resubscribe anytime. So when then new Star Trek: Picard comes out next year, I plan to resubscribe to CBS All Access, but not on the day it's released.

The new trend in streaming services is to release episodes once a week, just like traditional TV does. That way if you love just one show, they'll get several months out of you.

So my plan is to keep my Netflix subscription for now. It has the most shows that I watch, but that might change thanks to Disney Plus. I'll also keep Amazon Prime, because free shipping plus free streaming is a win. But I'll rotate my subscriptions month to month based on where the show is that I'd like to watch and when it has completed it's season and all episodes are available to stream. Then I'll binge watch the season in a month, watch anything else I'd like before the subscription runs out, cancel, and subscribe to the next service that has a show I want to watch.

Now I'm only paying for one service at a time and my budget is under control. The only drawback to this is that I will have to be extra diligent in my efforts to avoid spoilers. Small price to pay to save a ton of money on streaming.

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