Iggy Azalea not only publicly forgave fiancé Nick Young for his alleged infidelities, she just rose above any residual pettiness she may have felt. The rapper says she stopped Young from getting a misspelled tattoo etched across his back in enormous block letters.

She was not, however, above telling the Internet all about it.

As Azalea explains it, she noticed the spelling of Young's "BORN REBEL" tattoo seemed a little off when she walked in, mid-appointment. After realizing two of the letters were mistakenly switched around, she stopped the artist from inking "reble" -- a pretty blatant error -- across Young's back. She then immortalized the moment by taking a photo of the outline, which she graciously shared with her six million Twitter followers last night (April 27).

Young then publicly responded to Azalea's tweets, because celebrities never seem to have each other's phone numbers.

It should be noted that this entire exchange was ignited by a single tweet on Young's part. He jokingly referred to Azalea as his Becky, shortly after the Australian rapper went off on an exhausting Twitter spiel about how "generalizing ANY race by calling them one stereotypical name for said race" is not "very cool." This was, apparently, Azalea's way of evening out the playing field.

Perhaps Azalea's decision was informed by the fact that she's hoping to spend the rest of her life with Young, and probably doesn't want to see the word "reble" staring back at her.

Have you ever made a permanent decision you regretted almost instantly? If your fiancé had openly admitted to cheating on you, would you channel Azalea and rise above your understandable want for retaliation and stop him from getting a misspelled tattoo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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