If you don't wake up with The Z Morning Show, why bother waking up at all?

As the disgusting humidity returns to the area today, we chatted about a number of things, including the shark sighting in Casco Bay, just outside of Portland.

In todays weird news:
"Naked Dog Walk"-it's been hot outdoors, but most people still wear clothing when they take their pet out for a walk. Mariel Kinney and kevin Pinto of Hopkington, Massachusetts, were arrested for indecent exposure when they took their dog for a walk, butt naked. There was a short pursuit on foot, which mus have been absolutely hilarious.

"FGHIH"-An airline gate agent at John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, California made fun a 5-year old girls name (shame on you!) that is a little unusual to say the least. Her name is ABCDE, which is actually pronounced "Ab-City". Her mother, Traci Redford noticed that the agent took a photo of the little girls boarding pass, which she later posted on social media.

Southwest Airlines apologized aand reportedly took aome sort of actin against the offending employee. This was after two weeks of inaction, and Traci Redford took her story to her local new outlet.

"Nude Zoom Bomb"-One thing most people have learned during this pandemic is that you should never post Zoom meeting links in public places. The Leominster School Committee had a video chat meeting on Monday, but it got a nude zoom bomb with a video of naked man who was...er, uh...enjoying himself. The meeting was instantly postponed. Lesson learned.

And we wrapped things up with WABI-TV 5's Todd Simcox and his muggy forecast, Don't miss the fun every weekday morning from 6-9 on Z-107.3!

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