Did you miss the thing about Sarah and her high school boyfriend and the machete this morning...?

On the Z Morning Show today, we had a lively chat with WABI-TV 5's Todd Simcox

  • In Norway, Maine, Inn Town Motel manager, Andrew Coombs, was given a false phone number and address by Sean Schoomaker, who had been staying in the motel for about 2 weeks. When Coombs went to check in on Schoomaker, he found "A total of 53 hairy spiders in plastic cases were arranged throughout the room on stands and tables." Coombs called the cops, who then called the Animal Control Officer, who then called the Maine Warden's Service. The super creepy spiders were sent to Lewiston.
  •  A family in Pennsylvania found a mysterious thick liquid dripping down the walls of their home that turned out to be honey, which of course means trouble. Turns out, there were a colony of bees living in the walls
  • The owner of a pizza parlor in Delaware served up a piping hot ass whooping for a would be burglar, by throwing a pizza at him. Stargate Pizza was closing up for the night, when the owner was approached by a man with a MACHETE, who was demanding money, the pie was thrown with great accuracy, and the guy ran out the door in shame. It was at this point when Sarah chimed in with a story about how she used to own a machete, and it was involved in a very peculiar way on a date.
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