If you don't wake up with the Z Morning Show, why bother waking up at all?

Sarah had a magical ride to work, because she saw not one, not two, but THREE rainbows on the way to the studio. And she was desperately trying to tell Todd this, thinking he would be impressed, but it turns out we had a bad connection....wackiness ensued.

We also had not one, not two, but THREE stupid stories to share with you all

  • A woman in the U.K. claims that she saw an Amazon driver pull up outside her home, then run into her yard, the only package he dropped off was the poop he took near her trees. She asked him to leave, then promptly call the police. He told authorities that he wasn't feeling so hot and was desperate to relive himself. They decided to not arrest him, just as long as he cleaned up his mess...eww
  • Cops in Trussville, Alabama are on the lookout for a woman who drove her vehicle directly into the Home Depot, and for good measure she stole a bunch of stuff too. The video is going viral, and with good reason, it's hilarious.
  • From the irony file, a man in the U.K. with a bumper sticker that says "I'm not drunk, just avoiding potholes" got busted for "Drink-Driving", which is their version of an OUI. Turns out their was a damn good reason to pull over, because he crashed into a roadside bollard. Oh, and he was on the road with one wheel missing from his car. Genius.

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