If you don’t wake up with The Z Morning Show, why bother waking up at at all?

After two very long months, our girl Sarah has returned to the Z studio and we could not be happier! On our chat with WABI’s Todd Simcox, we chatted about lots of things, including how Sarah is social distancing herself from me everyday.

As always, we covered stories of dumb criminals, and other assorted nonsense that always make us laugh.

  • “Is that a watermelon on your head, or are you just happy to see me?” Police in Louisa, Georgia, arrested two goobers who placed watermelons on their heads as masks when they ripped off some items from a grocery store. These two “Melon Heads” fled the scene in a Toyota that they happened to steal before they committed this diabolical crime.
  • "Come on baby, light my towel on fire"-A woman in Florida, set fire to a shed that another women was living in, all because she was upset over a missing towel that was "sentimental" to robin Hamilton, who was drunk as hell at the time. Robin said she wasn't sure how it caught fire, although she was seen on surveillance video crouching near the shed.
  • "I can't kiss you from 6 feet away!"-Florida strikes again. The bars are open again, and that means it's party time at The Monkey Bar & Grille in Indialantic. Audra Adams kept trying to kiss customers at the bar, then called 9-1-1 FIVE times to complain about social distancing guidelines(yeah, we are confused too) By her fourth call, the cops were already at Monkey bar. Audra was arrested on several charges. This by the way, led us to a conversation where Todd claims he is going to bear hug me next time he sees me
  • "Weeeeeeeeeee"-This is just plain wrong, dude. A dad in Puerto Rico rigged up a sweet swing for his daughter, problem is that it was on the balcony of his 8th floor apartment! When the girl swings out over the edge, she is 100 feet off the ground.
  • "I set a Guinness World Record and all I got were these lousy 10 T-Shirts" David Rush who hails from Idaho, set a Guinness World Record when he put on 10 T-shirts in just 15.61 seconds. It was done with regular T's. V-Necks and button collared shirts were not allowed. Check out this amazing feat for yourself, and don't hurt yourself if you try this at home.

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