If you don't wake up with the Z Morning Show today, why bother getting up at all?

In honor of this Tuesday, July 14th, being "National Nude Day", I let it be known that if this ridiculous humidity continues, that I will be doing the show in the buff from now on.

Everyone knows that not only is Todd Simcox a television star, he also is Bangor's answer to Paul Newman, with his various products that you can find in stores all over the place. We got a chance to chance to watch the YouTube video of Todd's Salsa. They Mike Jack's Hot Reviews sampled Ghost Pepper Salsa, Habanero Salsa, and Chipotle Salsa, and we wondered where our samples were, and why we don't have Todd's Salsa T-shirts like the couple in the video.

Upon discovery, it turns out that there are a bunch of video reviews of our pal Todd's delicious treat!

And we shared a story that will immediately make every man cover his genitals. A woman from Florida(otherwise known as the crazy capital of the world) named Kathie Lee Pitchford was arrested after allegations that during an argument, she grabbed her boyfriends testicles and didn't let go until they bled. Yikes. After all the pain and suffering he went through, her boyfriend said he still loves her. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

And we wrapped up our segment this morning with some good news, the humidity is going away for a few days!

Todd's Forecast from WABI:

Today- Cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible High of 72
Tonight-Cloudy with showers. Low's in the 50's
Wednesday-Less humid with a mix of sun & Clouds. High 75

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