If you didn't wake up this morning with Kid, Sarah & Todd, why bother waking up at all?

After a long vacation break, I came back to the show this morning, and expressed my dismay with Todd trying to get me into a group text during my birthday last week. If you are a regular listener, you know I despise group texts and Facebook chats.

My vacation was pretty laid back, but when I bought a lottery ticket last Wednesday, I got two numbers, then proceeded to miss three other numbers by one damn digit each. That would have nabbed me a cool $30,000. Instead, I won a measly two dollars. You win some, ya lose some.

And of course had a couple of stories about people doing incredibly stupid things:

  • A man in England was jogging in North Stafforshire, England (which is the most British sounding town name ever)the problem with this is that he was jogging in the nude. Although he was wearing sneakers and a fanny pack. The hilarious part is that he had his picture snapped by a wildlife photographer. Also, he has been spotted hiding from delivery drivers during his several runs in the buff. Ello Govnah!
  • And we saved the grossest part for last. Long Lake in Southern Maine has having a pooping problem. People are taking a deuce not only in the water, but also on peoples property.
  • The Lakes Environmental Association posted a message about this issue on their Facebook page, and offered up a couple suggestions on how you could better prepare yourself when enjoying a day at the lake.

Todd's forecast for today:

Monday- Partly sunny with a high of 75
Tuesday-Cloudy with scattered showers and a few thunderstorms are possible with a high of 72

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