The gang is back together for our first show of 2021!

After a very lengthy break to end the year, we were all present and accounted for today on the Z Morning Show. Todd, who is just coming off a birthday, had some pretty cool news to share, his delcious Todd's Salsa is spreading like wildfire all over the state and can now be found in Southern Maine in the following towns:

North Windham
East Waterboro

New year, new weirdos to talk about!

"Shi#!er's Full"-A man from Kentucky paid tribute to Cousin Eddie, from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and went viral, when he filmed himself clearing snow from his driveway, armed with a flamethrower, drinking a beer, and dressed like the iconic movie character.

"Merry Christmas, my truck is on fire"-A dude from Florida (of course) lit his truck on fire, to give himself and early Christmas present, and togive the local deputies "something to do" As you can imagine, there were substances involved. They found a glass pipe with traces of methamphetamine in his pocket. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

"You're on a roll!" The highly respected judge, Todd Simcox grabbed his robe for the first time in 2021, for a little "Todd's Law". A man in New York State filed a lawsuit against King Hawaiian sweet rolls, because he realized the rolls are actually made in California, not Hawaii. Judge Todd claimed he wouldn't even allow this frivolous case into his courtroom.

"A helpful tip"-How about a feel good story to start the New Year? And it's from Florida of all places! Some customers at a resturant in Florida gave one server a tip she will never forget. The Masala Mantra Indian Bistro had a patron leave a $2,020 tip on a $269 tab. The server named Dawn, upon request of the customer, split the generous tip amongst the rest of the staff, which means everyone got a nice tidy $80 gift.

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